We are stronger gene, we can move Mountains- Mayura Amarkant

We are stronger gene, we can move mountains- Mayura Amarkant

Mayura Amarkant

“I wear many hats”. Mayura Amarkant Co-Founder – Sarvashreshta Solutions

Hey Mayura, Finally we got a chance to pull out the secrets from your insane diary. Our readers would be happy to read an interview with a multitalented lady. So, start by telling us something about yourself and what exactly you do?

Haha, Shalu. Thank you for your warm welcome. There are no such secrets honestly, I believe in sharing my knowledge and I like to see myself as a woman of today – the one who manages home & work with equal ease. I strongly believe that there is always time for everything to be done with equal perfection if one wishes to. I wear many hats, CEO of a consulting firm, national award-winning communication and a media professional, a wife, mom, daughter-in-law, daughter, 4 am friend, and the list goes on. 🙂
I run a consulting outfit by the name of Sarvashreshtha Solutions LLP, where we catalyze brands (individuals or organizations) to help them realize their vision in terms of positioning them to the outside world. I am an avid blogger and social media influencer. I love to write and run a blogzine (www.diaryofaninsanewriter.com)

Diary of an Insane Writer

Mayura Amarkant

Mayura Amarkant

Mayura attending an event.

What was the idea behind your venture and why you thought to start it?

I worked for 1.5 decades before picking up entrepreneurship. I wrote for prominent publications including Times of India, Indian Express, Mid-day, DNA & Hindustan Times. I also wrote cover stories for Business World. Features writing sharpened my people skills and research acumen. At the same time, I was a Marketing Communications professional who worked across Educational Institutions & Advertising agencies as a Corporate Communications professional, PR person, Event Manager & Crisis Manager. I even headed two educational institutions & conducted training for corporates. All this coupled with four books, a stint in theatre & management of large-scale projects. I have curated a web series on Lal Baug Cha Raja & also written scripts for corporate AVs. After all this, I realized that all this had given me insights and perspectives from both the client and agency sides. I decided to start on my own and bridge the gap which exists between the client and the agency. The whole idea was to partner with the client and execute their vision.

What is your “Mantra” to success and how important is “Growth” for you?

First, build trust. We live in a world that is virtually connected but, in reality, we all are lonely in a crowd. My first focus is always on building trust with my clients. This can only happen if one always bears the torch of truth. ‘Under Commit and Over Perform’ is the mantra that Sarvashreshtha Solutions follows. More than growth, it is the development that is the focus. In our process to take the client from ‘Good-to-Great’, we take the time to understand the vision, identify their pain points, prioritize activities and then execute them to achieve the set milestones. It is a collaborative process.

You have been an inspiration to many. Who is your mentor and what is the force behind your dreams?

On a daily basis, I try to unlearn, learn and relearn and try to upgrade to the field that I am in is fast-paced, continuous, and dynamic. It is quite humbling to know that people are inspired by me. I consider myself lucky and fortunate to have mentors who have been kind enough to encourage me at various stages of my professional career. Each one of them has instilled confidence, help me rediscover myself, and re-invent as an evolved person both personally and professionally. At each stage in my life, I have had mentors who have played a very significant role in my growth and development. During my school & college days, it was my parents.

In professional life, it was Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Director of WeSchool, Dr. N M Kondap, former Vice-Chancellor of NMIMS University, RD Shetty, former registrar of NMIMS University, CA Sunil G Karve, Founder Trustee & Vice Chairman of MET League of Colleges, Legendary filmmaker, Subhash Ghai, Sangram Surve, Founder of ThinkWhyNot and J G Irani, Director Marcom, MET League of Colleges.

There are people whose life and learning continue to inspire me each moment. They are Rishi Darda, Joint MD and Editorial Director, Lokmat, former MP & Chairman Lokmat, Vijay Darda, N K Nayak, head of Lokmat, Nagpur and prominent film critic & Director, Khalid Mohammed. Apart from this, there have been loads of experiences that have changed me for the better.
The force behind my dreams is my parents, in-laws, siblings, co-siblings, closest friends & my life partner, Amarkant Jain. One only works to achieve for family & friends – nothing else matters.

So, Mayura, What was that one incident that changed something in you?

Well, there came a stage in my professional career, where I was at home and every company that I applied to would call me for an interview and discuss how I would add value to them. I would offer solutions and would wait for them to respond. All I could know is that all my solutions were being implemented and I wasn’t offered the role. I spoke to my mentors and shared my pain.

All of them said only one thing – ‘It’s time to start something of your own rather than work for someone else.’ While this was flattering indeed, but at the same time scary as I had no prior experience of being an entrepreneur, and obviously no capital. I just took a plunge and thought to myself, that what worse can happen? I will have to back to the job market with my CV. So be it. There has been no looking back since.

If one needs to know you in one line, how will you describe yourself?

Haha…hmmm….let me think…I am very resourceful. I have been fondly called as ‘ABDUL’ the all-knowing character from the Bollywood movie ‘SHAAN’. So the one line that describes me best is ‘naam abdul hai mera, kya! Sabki Khabar rakhta hoon’.

The one line that describes me best is ‘naam abdul hai mera, kya! Sabki Khabar rakhta hoon’.

How do you feel to be selected among 15 ambitious women at Mommies World For U & Me and what is that one ambition which still keeps the fire alive in you?

It is indeed a flattering experience to be chosen among such an august company of mommies. I thank Mommies World for U & Me to empower me with such honor. I am still in the process of developing my organization to build a scalable model. As of now, this is the one ambition that is set.

Mayura, what do you think, is there any competition around? According to you end of the day, what matters, victory or satisfaction?

Competition is a term we used during the stone age of business. Today’s times are more about collaborations. The business models are changing and futuristic organizations are looking at collaborating with each other to achieve a common business goal. Victory achieved by leading the team’s efforts brings satisfaction.

Share the most inspiring incident, you have witnessed yourself.

Though it is difficult to pinpoint an incident, I can surely tell you a common thing in my
experience that has inspired me. I have closely worked with some of the biggest names in the corporate & public world. The way they maintain their calm during the crisis is amazing. The people at the top are always in control of the situation and even when things are going haywire, they are gifted with the ability to sift the grain from the shaft.

Last but not least, how you are managing your personal and professional life, any tips and tricks you wish to give to our readers.

Stop playing the victim card. As women we love to be appreciated for everything we do – we need to steer clear from this narcissism. The only person who you need adulation or approval from is your own self. Love yourself and do what you love to do. This has been my mantra throughout. I don’t waste my time with people or individuals who suck out my positivity. “Ugta rog aur ugta dushman – wahi pe kaato” – this is what my mom taught me, this has worked always. There is nothing like a professional life and work life. Life is just…life !! Prioritize, compartmentalize and deliver timely results is what I would like to convey. Make time for everything that you think is important – that way you will always love what you do.

I know that when people read this, they may turn back and say “Bolna aasaan hai”. My reply to them is, “Pehle karke dekho, phir bolo. We are women, the stronger gene and if we decide, we can move mountains.” – Mayura Amarkant

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