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Child Skill & Development

What is creativity?

Creativity is something that uses one’s imagination. A photographer sees the normal sky with a different eye, that’s creativity. A painter sees the ocean in a different color and paints the same, that’s creativity. Everyone is creative and there is no measure to know how creative you are.

What should I do to make my child more creative?

Well, the only thing you can do is not to stop him from exploring. Let your baby take the colors in his hands and feel them. Let him smudge them on the floor and put them on the clothes. Let the exploring begin. The work of experimenting and exploring will channelize the creativity of your child on its own.

What is the first step in channelizing a child’s creativity?

The first and the most important step in channelizing a child’s creativity is to be all ears. You, as a parent, should listen to what your child has to say. Be it an imaginary story, or the cribbing saga, or his mischief. LISTENING is a big key and it will encourage your child to be more.

After school hours, the child doesn’t get any time to work on creativity. What should we do?

First of all, you need to understand that creativity isn’t only involved in art. IT can be used while doing home works too. Creative children work with their handwriting and keep on changing them with time. SO, don’t worry if your child doesn’t get time to work on creativity on regular school days.
Secondly, you can make sure that your child explores nature on weekends. Take him to a park or the seashore or anywhere you think he will come in contact with nature. It is the best way to bring out the best in him.

Are books helpful?

Yes definitely. Books are very helpful when it comes to developing a child’s imagination. Books let the child paint pictures in his mind and then relate to the emotions of the characters too. If you start reading to your child very early, he will naturally be inclined towards books.

What is the right age to start working on a child’s creativity?

You can start working with your child as soon as he or she is of 3 months of age. Initially, you just need to bring a platter of colors and soft sounds to your child. Buy touch and feel books as your baby grows up. Creativity is something you can work on, from the very beginning.

What if my child is a little bigger?

Then the answer is very easy. Let him have outdoor time every day. Be it for half an hour. Outdoor time and outdoor games give wings to a child’s imagination.

Is there a specific art which helps?

Well, there is no specific art that can bring out the genius in your child. It can be revealed while making sand dunes or by a paint brush or by mathematics too. Let your child choose and explore.

As a working mother, are there any tips for me too?

Yes, why not. As a working mother, you can share your experiences with your child. Let him suggest what should be done in the situations you face. Did you know Indira Nooyi, the CEO of Pepsi Co used to play this game? Every day at the dinner table, her father used to ask her what she would do if she were the Prime Minister. And then she had to put light on one of the issues and a solution to it. She was tuned to handle the bigger things right from the very beginning. You can do the same. Make use of whatever time you have with your child. Put your creativity to use.

My child doesn’t have any creative skills. What should I do? He just wants to do mischief all day.

Haha. Do you think mischief doesn’t require any creativity? The children who are most naughty are the most creative ones. They are just not putting it into stories or poems or any other art. They are using all their minds in mischief. Don’t worry. The creativity is there and it is growing. As I am writing this, my three-year-old daughter is taking the beans out of my bean bag. That’s mischief and creativity working hand in hand.

Kriti Sharma
email: [email protected]