Respect yourself first and the world will respect you – Mamatha Shetty

Mamatha Shetty
Mamatha Shetty

Please tell us something about yourself and what exactly you do? 

I am like a firebird who like to quench her thirst by learning and imparting what I learned, I am a teacher, counsellor, soft skilled trainer, and spiritually connected, I am a tarot reader, handwriting analyst, drawing analyst, angel card reader,  crystal healer, vastu consultant and worked in corporates for 14 years in sales and marketing exposed to retail, brands, like Havel’s, united color Benetton, lovable, Kotak life insurance, max new York, Aviva etc.

I own a preschool where I live a new day every moment with little stars. To see them happy makes me complete.

What was the idea behind your own setup and why you thought to start it?

I always wanted to do something on my own so when I got connected to the realm of spirituality, I wanted to impart my knowledge with all the people around me, they say the biggest teacher is the universe which makes you learn all the lesson.

What is your “Mantra” to success and how important is “Growth” for you? 

I believe in every moment I live in and do something which makes me feel happy that what is the success to me. If I can touch and help to change one life then that is growth to me. So success to me is a smile on my face when I see my children. I grow with every smile of them. To me, Mantra for success brings a smile on other faces and you will get stronger and that’s your victory.

You have been an inspiration to many who is your mentor and what is the force behind your dreams?

As I said early if I change one life I take this opportunity to thanks all my gurus who have been milestones in my life. I have wonderful in-laws who have been always a great help, my friend without them I am always incomplete, my children, my colleagues, my teacher, they all our my guru who taught me how to deal with all situation and above my husband without him I didn’t think I would come so far so thank you all for being my mentor in my life.

So Mamatha, what is that one decision of your life which changed you?

There are many decisions that changed me. I feel every situation is the biggest teacher who changes you constantly.

If one needs to know you in one line, how will you describe yourself?

“Mamatha’ Mother’s love what my name says so I love life and I love all people who are in my life.

Mamatha Shetty
Mamatha Shetty

How do you feel to be selected among 15 ambitious women at Mommies World For U & Me and what is that one ambition which still keeps the fire alive in you?

Oh it’s a wow feeling to be selected as one of the 15 Ambitious Women, I am privileged to get this platform word can’t express and above all I like to thank” Shalu” for the love, affection, compassion, and drive she has for the people around her “big hug, big thank you to her” stay blessed.

Do you agree that there is too much competition around? According to you end of the day, what matters, victory or satisfaction? 

“Competition makes you confident it lets you know your true potential so in life you need competition, I feel when you are satisfied you are successful, so the end of the day the calmness and smiles matter most to me.

Share the most inspiring story/incident, you have witnessed yourself.

For me, the beautiful story or inspiration is my preschooler children who inspire me not to give up in life, learn every day, love unconditional,ly and don’t differentiate among people around you. I get inspired by them and above all, they teach or inspire to be innocent which adulthood has taken away.

Last but not least, how you are managing your personal and professional life, any tips and tricks you wish to give to our readers.

There are no shortcuts in life as a woman you are the mother, teacher, life coach, cook, nurturer, friend, wife, sister all in one package but don’t forget to be you. Be yourself, love yourself, earn money, make your identity, respect yourself, respect work. Even if you are a homemaker, respect yourself first and then the world will respect you. The world will be yours if you love yourself.

Another inspiring story comes to an end. If you wish to connect with Mamatha for any help related to tarot reading or handwriting, drawing or crystal/vastu consultancy, then please visit her profile, Mamatha Shetty We wish our ambitious women the very best in all her endeavors.

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