This is how “Pen” started..

​”You are the Boss”. Don’t let your toddler get on you. You will always consider your toddler as a person to respect his/her personality, encourage him/ her to express their opinion but you will be the decision-maker cos you are the parent. Respect their likes/dislikes, but you will never let them boss around you. Talk to them. Talking helps a lot. The more you talk, the more you will get close to them. They have to have good listening ears. Never ask for their decision. Talk affirmative like, we will take bath now. You may hear “no I wanna color”. You will say clearly that ” We are taking bath and you can color later”. If you expect throwing feet, that is fine let them throw their feet. When they are done they will come to you. Cuddle them without mentioning what happened a few minutes ago. You will rock.

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