“Out of hundreds of Mommies platforms online, MW is special in a million ways. It’s only here that the admin has created a family for mums all around the globe. It’s only here that when a mother is in trouble or she needs help or suggestions, countless answers pour in within minutes. It’s only here that the admin takes the pain to make sure that everyone is respected. It is absolutely no-nonsense and no breaches of security. This is undoubtedly the most trustworthy group I have found on Facebook and trust me a mother who is facing parenting face first, needs someone who won’t judge and is there in her need. MW is that for me and for one lakh women around the planet. I am really glad I am a part of this.”

Kriti Sharma

MW Member, Freelance Blogger, Entrepreneur

Gratitude should be the Attitude
I am very grateful to MW and Shalu for giving me my identity and boosting my self-confidence. It's easier said than done. But here saying follows doing. With Shalu's precious advice and guidance, I have made my name amongst parents. MW is a bliss for all mommies and budding mompreneurs as well. It not only gives a huge platform to grow their business but a trust factor and a boost from Shalu is a bonus. I owe my success to MW and Shalu.

Jiya Gianchandani

Kiddies on Toes

MW for me is “MOMoogle”!
Anything and Everything that comes as first thought related to Women - Health, Pregnancies, Suggestions as MoMs both New and Experienced, About Kids, Personal concerns, Professional Advice; Information, Suggestions, Guidance, Motivation is right here on this Platform.
Shalu R Varadkar (Founder MW), “Woman of Substance”, Highly Stupendous and Zealous Lady who is All there for Each of Members.
I joined this group through a random suggestion for a business purpose. But MW has changed the reachability of my venture – DK Travels. Not Just Limited to Entrepreneurship Benefits but at the Personal front have found such wonderful friends, Confidants who are now my second family.
All the Special Events that are Organized (Online-Offline) like Meets, Brando Mania, December Delights, Diwali Exhibition, Insta Live Series, and many more are so AMAZING! I Feel Like a STAR when the name flashes across all the Social Media Platforms of MW.
I am overwhelmed to be a part of this Universe MW. Cheers!

Deepti Khosla

Founder – DK Travels

Seldom you come across someone who has a vision as strong as you…
Seldom you come across someone who not only has a vision but is working every minute towards it…
It’s commendable how you take everybody along with you
It’s inspiring how you sprinkle your success dust on everyone you meet
The adage runs best for you…
Empowered women Empower women…
Mommies World For you and Me holds a special place for us as it was a platform where we proposed Arogyada Online. Your dedication towards your work and for members of the group is par excellence… It’s never too late or never too early to text you as we know you are just a click away. Thanks for all the warmth, love, and affection which you give not only to us but almost all the one Lakh members of the community… We wish you the best in all your future endeavors… Much love your way and may you achieve all that you aspire for.

Arogyada (Dr Ankita/ Dr Khushboo)

Renowned Homeopathic Experts

Mommies World For u and me is a beautiful forum of mothers across the world who are there to help each other at any time be it thru the Facebook platform, Instagram, or WhatsApp groups. And what to say about the admin of MW Shalu R Varadkar she is such a sweetheart ❤️who is always there to help her community members any time of the day. Shalu is always available be it thru messenger or WhatsApp. A motivation for other mommies. I'm today known as a Mompreneur it's only because of MW and its founder Shalu R Varadkar ❤️. MW has given us the Mompreneurs a platform to showcase our skills and promote our business. Thank u Mommies World For U And Me and Shalu for being an integral part of my life.

Aparna M Nair

Miraya The Fashion Vogue

Mommies World For You And Me is like a ONE stop destination for every mommy, for every stage of their life. Starting from suggestions for naming the child to the smallest health issues the baby suffers. To any doubts, a mommy has about the child's development to showcasing the child's talent in front of the huge community. MW is always ready with home remedies as well the expert advice. MW is the ONLY community with certified Experts from every field, be it medicine or law to teaching. It also is an amazing platform for all budding and established Mompreneurs. The passion and the seamless way all the things are conducted Single handly by Shalu R Varadkar is awe-inspiring and unbelievable. She is such a beautiful soul with so much positivity in life. I am blessed to know SRV and be part of the MW family.

Dr. Shyama Yeshodharan