Facebook Groups

MW-Mommies World
(For U & Me)
Only for Mommies or to be mommies. Having a kid or personal query solutions.
MW- Food Corner
To know all details on food joints and restaurants across the globe.
MW- Travel Corner
To know all details about the particular city when you travel, i.e. Hotel, Famous Places, Guide help.
MW- Helping Hands
2nd Hand Stuff - Buying / Selling Corner. Any stuff which is good in condition but its of no use for you.
MW- Handmade Joy Tribe
People who believe in VOCAL FOR LOCAL and interested to witness the beauty of handmade can join this group.
(Exclusive Girly Zone)
The forum is open for all females. Add single /married or students as well.
MW- Bring Smiles
(The Best Pictures)
Share best pictures of your day to day life.
The forum is open only for females. (Not necessary mommies but anyone women)
Entrepreneurs Hub-India
For all business profiles /Mompreneurs/ Entrepreneurs this group is a platform to explore opportunities and networking. (Forum is open for everyone)
MDW- Mommies & Daddies World
The most awaited forum and mostly asked by daddies is here. Both parents can be a part of this fun and enthusiastic group and meet new parents.